My 2015 on the App Store, and what I’m doing in 2016

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2015 has been my most successful year ever both generally in business, and in terms of App Store sales. Teleprompter Premium and Video Teleprompter have both been very successful, and I’m proud of the positive impact that both products are making on so many different people’s work and projects.


  • Total App Store revenue in 2015: $105,000
  • Total App Store royalties: $69,100
  • Best month: September
    ($16,800 in total sales with $11,000 in total royalties)
  • Best day: 8th September
    ($3,790 in total sales with $2,470 in total royalties)


  • Teleprompter Lite:
    93,000 downloads – $0 royalties
  • Video Teleprompter Lite:
    8,510 downloads – $0 royalties
  • Teleprompter Premium: 9,000 downloads – $50,900 royalties
  • Video Teleprompter Premium: 2,630 downloads – $12,900 royalties

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November 2015 iTunes Connect earnings: $7,850

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(That’s not a typo in the title)

Amazingly November has matched October for iTunes Connect earnings, making them both my joint second-best month ever for my App Store earnings. November again had no special promotions or launches.

I earned an extra $410 from iTunes Affiliate links, bringing this month’s total to $8,260.

I’ve been focusing a lot of my time refining version 2.0 of the app, which is now close to completion. Stay tuned for a big launch at the beginning of 2016. :)

October 2015 iTunes Connect earnings: $7,850

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October has been my second best month ever for my App Store earnings, which is especially good since October also had no app launches or promotional deals.

Video Teleprompter generated an extra $2,260 on top of Teleprompter Premium, accounting for 28% of the total revenue this month.

I also earned an extra $475 from iTunes Affiliate links, bringing this month’s total to $8,325.

Last month, I predicted that October would earn “around $6,600 to $7,700.”, so I’m happily above expectations.

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September 2015 iTunes Connect earnings: $11,000

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Last month, I ended my income report with “I might just earn over $10,000 in September alone.”…

Here it is! September 2015 has been an enormous month for my product income. It’s almost double my August total (which was previously my best month ever).

The biggest contributing factor by far was the 48-hour launch of Video Teleprompter. During the two day launch Video Teleprompter earned $3,750 and continued to earn a further $2,390 for the rest of the month. That means Video Teleprompter alone generated $6,140 in September.

Teleprompter Premium sold slightly below average in September (which I was expecting) at $4,709.

I also earned an extra $776 from iTunes Affiliate links, bringing this month’s total to $11,776.

Moving forward, I don’t expect to beat this total any time soon. The two day launch of Video Teleprompter was responsible for about 34% of my total earnings in September, therefore I’m expecting my October total to be 30% to 40% lower, at around $6,600 to $7,700.

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August 2015 iTunes Connect earnings: $6,510


August 2015 has been my most profitable month ever (by just $60, but still!), it’s a 9.4% increase on July’s total revenue. I expect this is a result of an entire month selling Teleprompter Premium at the new Tier 10 price. It’s interesting to see that unit sales of Teleprompter Premium are actually down by 4.2%, but the increased price still means my revenues are up by 9.4%.

In just 7 months, I’ve now managed to generate $35,170 revenue on the App Store, and I’ve got a big launch happening next week… With my regular revenue from Teleprompter Premium, I might just earn over $10,000 in September alone.

Behind the scenes so far: Video Teleprompter launch

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If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’m getting ready to launch my new app: Video Teleprompter. I thought today I would share some ‘behind the scenes’ of what I’ve been doing so far for the launch.

In my last blog post, I shared my revenue goals and talked about how I could even potentially generate over $9,000 in 48 hours from the launch.

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Setting revenue goals for my next app launch

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Now that I’ve announced Video Teleprompter to my audience, I’ve been taking some time to carefully consider what I expect from this launch.

Firstly, I’m already really happy with how the launch sequence is going. I’ve only sent one email to my audience and I already have a handful of people telling me they’re ready to buy, and that they can’t wait to use it. This is particularly good when they haven’t even seen a screenshot yet. (Take a look at the comments on my announcement blog post)

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Dealing with a critical bug in your app: How to turn unhappy users into delighted customers


For the past week, I’ve been dealing with a myriad of very unhappy users because of a critical bug in Teleprompter Lite.

The bug was stopping users from accessing their work after a certain amount of activity (the point at which I ask “What do you think?” and prompt to rate on the App Store).

I’m unable to rely on Apple approving my update quickly (despite two requests for an expedited app review), so what do I do with so many unhappy users?

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